Cyber Security

Solutions for computer security against CYBERCRIME and hacker attacks

Cybersecurity services to defend your data:

Cybercrime is the first global threat and is directed practically to all categories of membership: from government agencies to the automotive sector, from fashion and retail to retail stores, from manufacturing companies to pharmaceutical companies.

Some of the major cyber-crimes include, among others, phishing, namely the theft and manipulation of data or services through hacking or virus actions, identity theft, bank or e-commerce fraud, extortion, blackmail, Manipulation of financial markets, espionage, terrorist activities and viruses identified as Cryptolocker, which consist in encrypting the data of the victim, making them unusable.

In the light of the growing cyber-threats, organizations are critical to revising the risk management approach and identifying strategies to reduce the vulnerability of their infrastructure. Security is even more critical for organizations that store sensitive customer data, as international law and regulations make organizations and their managers legally responsible for the security and privacy of data

(GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation).

Satellitium SCG protects the Cyber security of your company or entity with the following information security services:

Cyber Security Solutions:

Real Time Security Monitoring

Security Device Management

Policy Management & Enforcement

Incident Identification

Incident Classification, Notification, Response, Containment & Recovery

Digital Forensics

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

Security Intelligence

Early Warning

Performance Management

Production Control

Log Management

Technical Reporting

Risk Assessment

Business Impact Analysis

Security Governance Consulting

Security Awareness

Risk Management


Malware Analysis